Ciao! I’m Alessia and I’d like to be your Smile&food coach for one day !

If you are planning your holidays in Sicily I know one of the best ways to experience an authentic Sicily with its people.
Through my eyes, my house and my cooking class, of course!
I’ll teach you how to make delicious typical Sicilian dishes exactly the way we still daily do.
But, before spending our time cooking, you’ll follow me into the picturesque atmosphere of the lovely street market in Ortigia where, immersed into marvelous flavours, colours and culinary traditions, I’ll introduce you to my friends who work there. By listening to their advice, we’ll choose together the fresh ingredients we need to make our Sicilian meal. We’ll go first to the dairy house to buy the fresh ricotta we need for our ravioli but rigorously after tasting the best local cheese, salami, olives and whatever speciality they’ll recommend and kindly offer to us!
Then, it will be the turn of the fish house, by my ex colleagues , (as I worked in my parents’  fish house too!) where entertained by live music will take the fish of the day. Yes, Live music! Beneath their fish desk there are guitars and little drums always ready to play a lovely tarantella for the clients.
I have two little children and I adore to spare time by cooking with them. I hope to teach them as my grandma used to do with me. So, If you travel with your children, they are also welcome to our cooking class to share lively time together.

But get to the point! Cooking.
To us, to Sicilian people, every receipt is our receipt, a family receipt…
So after the market you’ll be my guests in my house in Ortigia, by the Great Harbour of Siracusa, where using the products bought together, we’ll cook and share our meal,smiling, joking and laughing about the mistakes done.

When you’ll be back home you’ll surprise your friends and yourselves with a typical Sicilian dinner and you’ll tell them about the very special time you had with your new friend, Alessia the Sicilian !