Cookery classes for kids are really fun but also hard work. Children are hard to please and to come up the their

expectations you need a kitchen full of all those tools that they love to work with.

  1. A typical cookery class for kids foresees the preparation of one of the following:
  2. Biscuits with a simple to make base but then every one can give full reign to their imagination in the decoration of the same with chocolate and sugars
  3. Fresh pasta, tagliatelle, cavati and ravioli
  4. Flat, open Pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella or the traditional Sicilian closed pizza (sciacciate) with seasonal vegetables, fresh cheeses such as pecorino and caciotta.

Obviously for kids who are already little chefs we can offer more demanding programmes


The lesson consists of :

  • The ingredients
  • Aprons, rolling pins, and various kitchen equipment
  • Take away containers
  • Snacks

If you want to give your kids a great time while learning how to cook we have a pacakge just for you.

Each circa 3 hour lesson costs 50,00 euros

The 3 lesson package costs 120,00 euros + VAT

We can offer discounts to sisters, brothers, cousins up to 10%.


Chocolate Experience in Modica


All together we'll go in Modica, to witness how the kids make their chocolate following the original and ancient recipe of the Aztecs as brought by the Spaniards in olden times. Enjoy every tasty treat!