Discover with us, in four hours the fragrants and tastes of Seasonal Sicilian cookery! We’ll start the cookery class with a tour of the historical market in Ortigia, the place where I was born, grew up and worked for 5 years in our family fish shop. In fact I am the daughter of a fishmonger, no wonder I know personally each one of the market sellers.

My passion for good food stems from my paternal Grandmother’s teachings; she knew how to blend together Sicilian recipes with those of Tripoli in Libya, where she was born and grew up right up until the Second World War

The Market visit is not only an opportunity to taste local products but also to illustrate my vision of cooking based on the use of seasonal fruits and vegetables and my culinary world entrenched in Sicilian traditions.

We’ll choose and buy the fresh produce with which we’ll cook together, following old Sicilian recipes.

In the kitchen of my welcoming home overlooking the Port we’ll cook, with the emphasis on play and above all fun, just take a look at the reviews on Trip Advisor and read for yourselves!!…

The all inclusive cost of the cookery class is 100,00€  per person, minimum 2 people. If you are on your own, no problem, just a small surcharge , paying 110,00 € and you can have your own personal experience.

My cookery classes are in Italian and English, but if neither of these are your languages we can get help with an intepreter (German, Spanish, Russian and even Sign)