The cookery class on marmalades...

The cookery class on marmalades takes place in a citrus garden. Lemons, oranges, mandarins and grapefruit will be the stars of our Master Class.

The day will begins when we visit a citrus fruit producer to collect the fruit we need for our recipes: marmalades, cakes and biscuits with single protagonist – Sicilian citrus fruit.

During this Master Class we will also prepare traditional country dishes that call for the use of wild herbs which we will collect together with the fruit. Stars of this show will be frittatas and Pane Cunzato (fresh bread with olive oil and herbs)

Minimum 4 participants – maximum 25

Costs: 110 euros per person + VAT all inclusive

Cost include:

  • Fresh fruit for the preparation of marmalades and cakes.

  • Fresh and packaged products

  • Jam jars

  • Tasting of the recipes prepared

  • Free fruit

Non specified items are not included. Transfers to and from the site can be arranged.