Sicilian Bread and Pizza

Cooking Experience : Bread and pizza Master class in a Luxurious and Exclusive Sicilian water mill

The setting for this marvellous activity is on the banks of the Porbella creek , near Palazzolo Acreide, in the heart of the Hyblean highlands. We start with a visit to the historic Santa Lucia Mill , where we will demonstrate to you how the grain is milled, using the energy generated by the waters of the creek and utilising the antique millstones which were carved from the local stone. In a luxurious and exclusive cottage we will hold the master class on Sicilian bread and pizza making.

But first we can collect the wild herbs we need for the pizza in the beautiful countryside .

During the master class all the secrets you need to know to obtain a perfect pizza and delicious bread will be revealed with the help of Mother Nature herself.

After a short wait the fresh hot pizza and bread will be ready for us to enjoy!

Minimum 6 participants – maximum 16.

  1. Price includes:

  2. Entrance to Santa Lucia Mill Museum

  3. Fresh and packaged ingredients necessary for the production of bread and pizza

  4. Lunch on what we have produced

  5. Wine and water

Non specified items are not included. Transfers to and from the site can be arranged.


 cotton clothes