We are a lady and a gentleman. We are man and wife. We are Sicilians. We have in common two children, Manfredi and Federico and a passion for our land which borders on the pathological. Every day we experience those feelings that Sicily offers us all like the fragrance of wine, the taste of thousands of dishes, the fascination of its stories and the beauty of its landscapes. We often argue about which beach is the best, which wine is the most full bodied, the most interesting Greek temple and the tastiest dish. On one thing we are in agreement: we love to share our knowledge and our passion for this wonderful island in the middle of the Mediterranean with the guests who choose to discover it together with us. With joy and awareness. We are Alessia (chef) and Damiano ( food and wine journalist) , your “Sicilian Smileandfood coaches”. There is a Sicily for each one of you. It is our mission to help you discover the right one.

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What we do



Street food is the best way of discovering a cuisine which, in the course of centuries, has mixed peoples and culture as if they were ingredients for a complex and incomparable dish. Follow us in the best localities for street food in Siracusa, Catania and Palermo. We will savour dishes which make up part of a 1,000 year tradition and meet people, experience customs and ways of life which continue to help a flavoursome and colourful activity unique in Europe to survive… read more


Want to enjoy a holiday in a Sicilian villa without having to slave over the oven producing dishes for family and friends? Do you need to organise a lunch or dinner at your home and allow your children to experience Sicilian cookery without having to go to a restaurant? Alessia will be your own private chef and together with her staff offer you an exclusive menu which you can agree on together. Serving staff available if required. Enjoy the fragrances and the flavours of Sicily in an exclusive, comfortable and easy style which speaks of Sicily. read more


The most important ruins in Magna Greca, volcanos, wonderful beaches, the superb countryside of its hinterland and good food and wine make Sicily an incomparable tourist destination. Want to make your holiday in this mythical land unforgetable? Come with us along unknown roads on a journey of discovery of the hidden treasures of Sicily: a day spent with a shepherd in the mountainous north, a tour of the best wineries on Etna, shopping round the laboratories producing the most beautiful and elegant ceramics in the Mediterranean… read more

Cooking experiences

If you are planning your holidays in Sicily I know one of the best ways to experience an authentic Sicily with its people. Through my eyes, my house and my cooking class, of course! I’ll teach you how to make delicious typical Sicilian dishes exactly the way we still daily do. But, before spending our time cooking, you’ll follow me into the picturesque atmosphere of the lovely street market in Ortigia where, immersed into marvelous flavours, colours and culinary traditions, I’ll introduce you to my friends who work there. By listening to their advice, we’ll choose together the fresh ingredients we need to make our Sicilian meal… Read More

Street Food Tours




Street food tour in the company of a local chef


Ortigia (Siracusa)

Street food tour and wit boat and walking tour in Ortigia



Street food and walking tour in Palermo with Smileandfood staff

Smile and Food di Alessia

When you’ll be back home you’ll surprise your friends and yourselves with a typical Sicilian dinner and you’ll tell them about the very special time you had with your new friend, Alessia the Sicilian !

Our Tours

Your visit can be fully customizable . If you take a private tour with us, that is, using our guide / host the whole way, then the tour can be tailored to you: number of days, itinerary, kinds of hotel and restaurant you want, kinds of things you want to see and do in the way you want to see and do them. However, being a tour guiding company, we don’t do concierge service only, that is, making arrangements for folks not otherwise using one of us as full-time guide. If you need ideas about what you want on your private tour, below is a list of the some of the main attractions of Sicily to tickle your thinking. And if you’d like to do something that isn’t on this list, we’d be more than happy to oblige.Contact us

Taormina, Catania, and Mt. Etna

Taormina is Sicily’s most popular tourist destination. From the Roman period to the present day it has been a destination for the rich and famous. The Greco-Roman theater that overlooks the town has one…

Etna Volcano & wine tour

In company of our “food and wine guide” we take a morning tour in Catania at 9,15 a.m. for typical sicilian Breakfast at the fish street market with granita and brioche / arancino, expresso coffe and cappucino.

Syracusa food & walking tour

Siracusa is a jewel to discover, those who have underestimated the personality of this city has always regretted having done so, it would be recommended a long weekend to know it in all its many facets…

Roman villa at casale

Just outside of Piazza Armerina in the heart of Sicily sits a stupendous Roman villa (ca. 4th century CE), whose floor mosaics are the greatest yet discovered in sitù. No museum display of mosaics can match…


Sicily’s capital and largest city, Palermo sits on the northern coast of Sicily in its generous bay. Palermo first bloomed under Arab rule, becoming 9th and 10th centuries among the great intellectual centers of the Western World, after with Islamic Baghdad and Cordoba.

Cefalù e Castelbuono

You will leave from Palermo at 9.00 am. and you will reach Cefalù, which you can travel alone or with one of our guides. Cefalù has many corners to discover and a beautiful beach, where during the walking tour you can stop for sunbathing or swimming.

Tasty & Easy Meals