Our Tours

Taormina, Catania, and Mt. Etna

Taormina is Sicily’s most popular tourist destination. From the Roman period to the present day it has been a destination for the rich and famous. The Greco-Roman theater that overlooks the town has one…

Etna Volcano & wine tour

In company of our “food and wine guide” we take a morning tour in Catania at 9,15 a.m. for typical sicilian Breakfast at the fish street market with granita and brioche / arancino, expresso coffe and cappucino.

Syracusa food & walking tour

Siracusa is a jewel to discover, those who have underestimated the personality of this city has always regretted having done so, it would be recommended a long weekend to know it in all its many facets…

Roman villa at casale


Just outside of Piazza Armerina in the heart of Sicily sits a stupendous Roman villa (ca. 4th century CE), whose floor mosaics are the greatest yet discovered in sitù. No museum display of mosaics can match…


Sicily’s capital and largest city, Palermo sits on the northern coast of Sicily in its generous bay. Palermo first bloomed under Arab rule, becoming 9th and 10th centuries among the great intellectual centers of the Western World, after with Islamic Baghdad and Cordoba.

Cefalù e Castelbuono

You will leave from Palermo at 9.00 am. and you will reach Cefalù, which you can travel alone or with one of our guides. Cefalù has many corners to discover and a beautiful beach, where during the walking tour you can stop for sunbathing or swimming.

Erice e Segesta


In Erice you’ll meet our guide for a tour of the ancient mountaintop town. We sample the pastries at Maria Grammatico’s shop, made famous by Mary Simeti’s book Bitter Almonds. Then with our guide we drive to Segesta was one of the major cities…


Perhaps the single most evocative Greek temple in the world, Segesta stands alone in the countryside, ringed with mountains, in western Sicily. In 1777 Swinburne wrote, “Nothing could be more judiciously chosen than the situation…



In company of our guide you’ll have a tour of the town, during it you’ll visit the Greco Roman theatre.Lunch will be at one of the most particular Slow Food osterie in Sicily, where you can taste many traditional Sicilian seasonal recipes (incl.)

Palazzolo Acreide

In Palazzolo, a charming baroque town, UNESCO heritage, with our guide you’ll visit the archaeological park and its beautiful old town. Obviously you’re visiting an enogastronomy site, so you cannot miss a typical gastronomic stop in this part and that’s with our gastronomic …


Agrigento is home to the finest collection of Greek temples in the world. A row of Doric temples were built along a ridge overlooking the sea in the 5th century BCE, making a city that Pindar called “the most beautiful city constructed by men.” Empedocles developed the philosophy of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire here, and helped introduce democracy.

Marsala e Trapani

We will meet in Trapani for a walking tour through the streets of the historic center, where of course we will offer you a delicious breakfast with black sauce. We will follow with a lunch and an inevitable tasting in these parts in one of the best wineries in Italy for a light lunch and a wine tasting.


Western Sicily is home to the ruins of the once-grand Greek city of Selinus. Today we can walk among the columns of seven different temples on a windy section of the western Sicilian coast, so remote we often have the temples to ourselves.

Aeolian Islands

In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus approaches the kingdom of Aeolus, God of the Winds, and sees, “a floating island, an entire wall of bronze, indestructible, stark”. Just off the Northern Coast of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands are a chain of rugged and beautiful volcanic…

Mafia Tourism

Yes, and we believe that we invented it.
We will take you to sites of historical Mafia activity Palermo, Corleone (home of The Godfather), Siracusa, and many other small towns. In fact there are examples of Mafia activity everywhere…

Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions

The Archaeological Museum of Agrigento is Sicily’s most visited (one of Italy’s top ten), and lays out the story of this beautiful Greek city with splendid openness.  A gigantic towering telemon gives a sense of the former massiveness of the Greek world’s largest temple and alone is worth the trip.


Vendicari, south of Siracusa, is a Ramsar Convention wetland and attracts birders from across Europe as 20,000+ waterfowl pass through during the Spring migration period.On the southern coast Biviere de Gela National Park features…

“On Location” – Film site tours

Many great films have been shot in Sicily, including “The Godfather” (all three parts), “Il Postino”, “The Leopard”, “Cinema Paradiso”, “Malena”, “Divorce, Italian Style”, and others. We will take you to where the scenes were filmed, We know where the…


Madonie Mountains National Park in the Northeast is home to the elusive North African Crested Porcupine (hard to spot!) as well as 65% of all nesting birds and mammals in Sicily. Martens, Ravens, Golden Eagles, and the rare Madonie Fir Tree (only 29 specimens in the world) make their home in this stunning preserve.


There are fantastic snorkeling and diving sites around the island, as well as on the Aeolian Islands. We are happy to arrange snorkeling trips and we know diving guides around Sicily and would be happy arrange a diving trip.

UNESCO World Heritage Sicilian Baroque Sites

After the worst earthquake in the history of Italy devastated eastern Sicily in 1693, the ruling Spanish used local architects, sculptors, and stone to rebuild the local towns, achieving a remarkable expression of local character in Baroque style.

The must-have of Sicily

Madonie Mountains National Park in the Northeast is home to the elusive North African Crested Porcupine (hard to spot!) as well as 65% of all nesting birds and mammals in Sicily. Martens, Ravens, Golden Eagles, and the rare Madonie Fir Tree (only 29 specimens in the world) make their home in this stunning preserve.

Rugged Highlands and Soft Beaches

South and west of Siracusa we find some of the most unpopulated and rugged landscape in all of Italy. In the spring, wildflowers cover the hills in a stunning array of color. The rocky gorges of Pantalica National Park are home to thousands of Neolithic tombs.